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TechCapital - a short for Technology Capital Holdings, LLC, is a blockchain infrastructure, software and staking provider serving customers worldwide.
We envision blockchain as a way to restore the original spirits of the internet and an opportunity to build a better future with protected privacy, validated information, distributed supercomputing, digitalized assets and beyond.
Our mission is to support the wider adoption, growth and long-term success of stake based protocols.


TechCapital Ecosystem

A secure blockchain platform for staking tokens

A trading platform supports most of coins with high performance and best liquidity

A place to store and manage your digital coins

An ultimated mining service to explore new assets

An expert-based knowledge platform combining with AI analysis technique

Online store for selling, reaching new audiences and getting paid in cryptocurrency



How it all started


Techshare is digital share of Tech Capital Holdings, used to access various features and functionalities that TechCapital offers.
TCL is an equity token with value equal to the company's share
Total supply: 200,000,000 TCL
Starting price: 0,1 USD
Buyback plan: The company manages to acquire TCL once 100M TCL is sold-out. This acquisition process is afforded by 20% of the company's profit.


Price TCL

A free, limited amount of Techshare TCL is given away to early investors in the developing phase of Techcapital Staking.

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